Local Team


George Bugan, Romania, is a Jacobs University Alumni of 2011 with a degree in International Politics and History. George has a passion for topic of international politics and engagement with Non Governmental Organizations. George is present in Romania as the Local Team Manager throughout  the duration of project development, in both the project development phase, between July 1 and September 15, and the project implementation phase, between September 15 and  November 17, 2013.


Cristi Ciulei, Romania, is a student in Sociology and HR management at University of Bucharest interested in the fields of personal development, psychology and intercultural engagement. Cristi is a member of the local team of Open The World Mentorship Project .


Raluca Moisescu, Romania, studies psychology and has extensive experience in non-formal education projects, including work with the Association for Dialogue, Culture and Sport in Romania.  For her, non-formal education is about everyone finding the best in themselves and learning how to find strength, respect, principles and values. She will be the project Co-Manager, alongside George Bugan, of the OTW program from the 19th of October until the end of the project.


Joanna Cristina Nelson van den Bussche, Venezuela, is an Alumni of 2013, with a strong passion for the fields of education and filmmaking. Her organizational and design thinking skills will play a major role in the Open The World implementation. Joanna will be stationed in Romania all of September until October 19th as project Co-Manager of OTW and will be responsible for the operations in Bucharest during the first half of the project.


Andreea Pene is an alumni of the University of Bucharest with a degree in Management. Andreea is passionate for the fields of childhood development and children psychology and has had extensive experience with children and youth. Andrea is one of the four Open The World Mentors and is also a member of the local team of the project.

Siegfried Wegmann

Siegfried “Siggi” Wegmann, Germany,  is a Student in Jacobs University, majoring in Integrated Environmental Studies specializing in Energy Policy and Technology, with a strong passion for Education and its evolution. Siggi is an Organizational Manager of the Open The World project, stationed in Romania, from  July 5 until August 15, 2013.

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