Contribute to the Cause

Want to help us create some positive change ?

Then, please help us cover the basic costs for the project.

IniCha wallpaper

IniCha members will be stationed in Bucharest with the kids for 10 weeks, not to mention the months it has taken us to get here! There are currently 12 hard working people behind the project, plus 4 mentors and volunteers- all working for free
You can donate via our online crowd funding campaign (click here), which is a trustworthy site based in Berlin, or by contacting us personally so we may arrange it.

Your donations would contribute to the following basic needs of the project:

  • Meals for sessions in the orphanage and during the mentor training (1040 Euros)

Help us provide the 12 children, 4 mentors, and 4 IniCha facilitators with a meal at each of the 10 Open the World sessions. The Open The World meals will include a selection of handmade sandwiches, fruits, and a bottle of water.

  • Workshop material packages (200 Euros)

Your donation will provide a package including markers, stick-up notes, colored paper, pens, colored pencils, acrylic and watercolor paints, brushes, tape, and scissors, and would enable creative and hands-on learning in the Open The World sessions.

  • Pens and pencils for children’s ‘Reflection Books’ (40 Euros)

Your donation here would provide each child with a pen and pencil to take home, ensuring that they are able to continue the habit of writing in their Reflection Books.

  • Reflection Books (160 Euros)

Your donation here will provide each child and mentor with a space to reflect on the insights gained through the workshops, and constitute the basis for their individual project. We believe reflection and writing are key take-away habits of OTW.

  • Cultural Outings (300 Euros)

The project will provide opportunities for the children to interact with the mentors in different settings. We will offer the children cultural influences by taking them to The National History Museum of Romania and the Bucharest National Theater.

  • Travel and lodging for Siegfried Wegmann (550 Euros)

Travel and lodging for the organization of the project (45 days) for Siegfried Wegmann, organizational manager of the Open The World project.

  • Internet subscription for the orphanage (one year) (200 Euros)

Your donation here would provide the entire orphanage with access to the internet for an entire year. This would ensure that the children can obtain information and communicate with their mentors over the long term (as the orphanage will take over this cost if it works positively)

  • Computers 

Have an old desktop computer or laptop lying around? You can donate it to the orphanage! Your donation here will offer the children the right to have access to a computer Through this method the mentors can keep track of their evolution on the long term as well by communicating with them over the internet. Also it is normal that these days they should be taught how to handle and use a personal computer.

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