Our Lives

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Inicha members and fellows may have all decided to attend Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany, but their lives and skills are incredibly varied. Take a look below to learn more!NastyaAnastasiya Balabanova (Ukraine)

Occupation: Customer Service Rep for Automotive After Sales Market (Philips)
Interests: Translation, Music, Dance


George Bugan (Romania)

Occupation: Database Officer for the German Marshall Fund of the United States
Interests: Development and Democratization in Africa, Soft Power Anchoring Effects, Regional European Organizations, and Finding Just the Right Time to Sing all the Lyrics to “Molly Malone”


Kathleen Frazier (USA)

Occupation: Marketing Manager for Hutcheson Ford, Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultant with K Squared Marketing
Interests: Developing Artists’ Brands and Projects, Food Exploration, Human Relationships


Lukas Friedemann (Germany)

Occupation: Recent Graduate, MA in International Policy Studies
Interests: Design Thinking, Photography, Surfing, Intercultural Work


Kyle Gentes (Canada)
Occupation: Msc Candidate in Climate Change Adaptation
Interests: The Future, Music, Art, Science

RebeccaRebecca Löffler (Germany)
Occupation: MSc Candidate in Learning Sciences,
Assistant Network Social Entrepreneurship Akademie/German Entrepreneurship GmbH
Interests: Education, International Development, Art, Traveling, Literature
IMG_9817J. Eduardo Marquez (Mexico)
Occupation: Mining Consultant (Environmental Geochemistry)
Interests: Environmental Science, Education, Writing, and Music

JuanchoJuan Merlo (Ecuador)

Occupation: Independent Consultant (Public Policy, Rural Development)
Interests: Social justice, politics and urban mobility.

CristianCristian Nucu Mesaros (Romania)
Occupation: Head of Innovation Financing (Labio), Intern in International Financial Markets Analysis (Bremer Landesbank)
Interests: Dynamics of Socio-Economic Systems, Social Structures and their Development, Beautiful People and Enjoying Life with Them

joann2Joanna Nelson (Venezuela)
Occupation: Recent Graduate, B.A. Global Economics and Management
Interests: Systems of Education, People, Theatre, Film, Writing, Entrepreneurship, and Social Initiatives


Magali Ramos (Ecuador)
Occupation: Public Policy Consultant (working on Public Private Partnerships)
Interests: Music, Education, History, Swing, Civil Society Movements


Marja Seidel (Germany)
Occupation: PhD Scholar in Astrophysics
Interests: Science in all Forms and Facets, Outdoor Sports, Youth Empowerment, Environmental Activism and Music 🙂


Benjamin Thies (Germany)
Occupation: Consultant in the Public and Healthcare Sector
Interests: Sports, Innovation (above all in the healthcare sector), Traveling

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