Get Involved!


We are looking for young, enthusiastic, professional people to help us make a change in the lives of children in Bucharest, Romania!


The following positions are needed for the ‘Open the World’ project (more information about the project and positions may be found on ‘Open the World‘ tab above):

1.  Organizational Manager

*position has been filled

-10 Weeks starting June and/ or 10 weeks during Project, Starting September 15th

– Requires working with the INICHA team via Skype and meeting in Romania with the Open The World team. You will need to set up meetings with local social enterprises who might want to get involved, either through donations or by hosting workshops during the project. You will also be looking for other workshop leaders and mentors that match the profile we have created. Further tasks will vary, but will most likely involve engaging in communication with the orphanage and taking care of the logistics of the project, blog, website, amongst others.


2. Child Mentor

*one spot remaining

– 10 Sessions, starting September 15 – November 17 (Romanian language skills required)

– Must be available for 10 Sundays to come spend the day at the orphanage and be a mentor for a group of 3 children. Two training sessions will be given prior to the project which will provide you with all the material regarding “what it means to be a mentor”. Communication, sensibility, social skills and knowing how to work with kids are all required.

– commitment after the project: you must keep in contact with the children via direct visits, e-mail, Skype and/or phone calls


3. Workshop Host
– One session on any Sunday between September 15 – November 17 (Romanian language skills preferred)

*Various sports remaining

We’re aiming for 12 workshops. Half will be hosted by professionals, half by students/mentors.

– 6 Abstract Workshops (Education, Career, Confidence, Human Values)

– 6 Practical Workshops (Arts and Crafts, Wood Works, Communication Skills, Tech Skills)

Workshops Ideas…

– Understanding the world as a dynamic place – diversity – introducing to children that the world is a place with different people with different backgrounds

– Education and its importance – The purpose and importance of education – what you can get from it (ex: to communicate with others, integrate, etc)

– Diversity of career opportunities

– Practical skills (writing, speaking, networking)

– Personal development – Expose to different fields to identify where your passion is

– Creativity workshops – non curriculum focused – photography, poetry, ceramics, painting, dance, etc.


4. Documentary Film-maker

– Various sessions between September 15 – November 17 (Romanian language skills preferred but not required)

– Note: children cannot be filmed directly due to Child Protection Laws

– would need to film during the entire project and interview OpenTheWorld Team, the owners of the orphanage and workshop givers


5. Social Media Manager and Blogger

– on site, covering most sessions between September 15 – November 17 (Both Romanian and English language skills required)

– watching, maybe participating in workshops and writing blog entries for website and Facebook page adding pictures taken on site


All positions are on site, Bucharest Romania. Accomidation may be provided but travel costs and other expenses cannot be covered due to our tight budget*


If you are interested in being part of the project in any of these non-paid positions, please contact Cristian Mesaros at or George Bugan at Thank you!

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