Letter from Teach for Nepal

Sami from Teach for Nepal is a very close friend of ours and studied together with most of IniCha members. That is why we fully trust her campaign and partners and it is in our heart to do everything to help – despite the distance. If you can, donate so that she can continue to help her friends, family, and members of the Teach for Nepal placement communities.

Donation link: http://www.sarvodayausa.org/nepal-earthquake.html#sthash.LnlAWyfK.dpbs

Dear IniCha,

As I’m sure you already know, on Saturday, 25 April 2015, a 7.8 Richter scale earthquake struck Nepal. The quake and over 100 aftershocks have already claimed over 7,000 lives and over 14,000 people have been injured. An estimated 2.8 million Nepalese are displaced and over 191,058 homes completely destroyed and another 175,162 homes damaged across 39 affected districts. According to OCHA (Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs), 3.3 million people need immediate food assistance and over 1.4 million will require continuous food support for the next three months. Through our 28 placement schools in two districts, Teach For Nepal is able to reach over 100 communities and villages.

Earthquake Impacts Teach For Nepal and its Placement Communities

The earthquake has severely impacted Teach For Nepal’s placement communities in Sindhupalchowk and Lalitpur districts. Sindhupalchowk is one of the hardest hit districts with over 1,700 deaths reported. One of the Teach For Nepal Fellows sadly perished in the quake there and another one sustained injury.

Our Fellows who work and live in the rural areas across these two districts witnessed the devastation created by the earthquake. They were directly impacted by the destruction of their host homes in the villages and the loss of lives and property of their students, colleagues and friends. They report that over 80% of the houses in their communities have been destroyed. Immediately after the quake, they were one of the very few reaching out to support their community members in spite of personal loss that they sustained.

In light of this tragedy, the Teach for Nepal team has launched a ‘Reach to Relief” campaign. Through 28 placement schools in Sindupalchowk and Lalitpur, we will reach to over 100 communities from which students used to come to our schools. These communities will be our priority work area. Teach For Nepal anticipates directly serving about 5,888 households with about 29,440 people if it were to raise sufficient funds.


The earthquake has destroyed thousands of homes claimed over 7,000 victims

Immediate Relief and Rehabilitation

Teach For Nepal has already begun a relief effort to support the communities where our Fellows work. Based on the current assessment of our Fellows and request from villages, people who have lost their homes urgently need temporary shelter given the continuous rain. Similarly, people also need immediate supplies of basic food, lights, and sanitation products. Our estimates are that all displaced families will need food assistance for a month, with a significant number of households needing continuous support for up to three months.

Leveraging our existing strong relations, Teach For Nepal has launched immediate relief work with the Fellows to supply essential food, water, sanitation and materials required for shelter. The food items will be in line with the Food Basket recommended by the World Food Program for disaster areas providing a minimum of 2,000 calories.


Everyone is joining the relief efforts, but funds are still needed

Long Term Rehabilitation

After immediate relief, we expect to shift our plans for long-term rehabilitation of the communities. Given that Teach For Nepal works in the schools, our focus will be on partnering with the communities to renovate, and reconstruct schools and create adequate learning environments. In doing so, we will be mobilizing community assets and resources based on Sarvodaya’s philosophy and practices of shramadana (gift of labor).

Our Fellows can also play a critical role in psycho-social counseling and healing of children and community members who they teach. Therefore, we plan on doing train the trainer sessions with our Fellows on psycho-social counseling in collaboration with our local and international partners. The nature of rehabilitation work is yet to be decided.


Example of supplies gathered by Teach for Nepal

How You can Support Us

We are looking to raise US$922,498 to ensure sufficient basic supplies and short term rehabilitation for three months for the 5,888 families who we will be directly supporting. Any surplus funds will be allocated to the long term rehabilitation of our communities with particular focus on reconstructing schools.

  • Individuals and organizations can donate online at: www.sarvodayausa.org or via Razoo.
  • For those in Nepal, individuals and organizations can donate by making a payment to the following account:

Account Name: Sarvodaya Shramadana Nepal

Account Address: Kupondole – 1, Lalitpur, Nepal

Bank Name: Sanima Bank

Bank Address; Narayan Chaur, Naxal, Kathmandu

Bank Account Number: 0140000031901


  • For those in the USA, in addition to the online platforms, they can also send a check to (payable to Sarvodaya USA): Sarvodaya USA, 1127 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53715, USA.
  • Our partner organizations through the Teach for All network are also facilitating fundraising efforts. Please reach out to Shristi K.C, TFN Partnership Coordinator, at shristi@teachfornepal.org | +977-9803212056 for more details.

Estimated Budget For Immediate Relief

One-month budget plan for immediate relief for 5,888 families or 29,440 individuals:

 Items  One month (Quantity per Family)  Unit Price per KG/Unit in Rupees[1]  Total Price in Rupees  Cost for 5,888 families
Rice 60 KG 70 4,200 24,729,600
Pulses 9 KG 150 1,350 7,948,800
Oil 3.75 Liters 170 638 3,753,600
Fortified blended foods (Cornsoya blend) 2.25 KG 60 135 794,880
Sugar 2.25 KG 68 153 900,864
Iodized Salt 1 KG 20 20 117,760
Instant Noodles orDalmots 150 packets 15 2,250 13,248,000
Chiura (Beaten Rice) 15 KG 70 1,050 6,182,400
Other Essentials
Water Purifier 30 bottles 20 600 3,532,800
Soap 30 bars 30 900 5,299,200
ORS 30 sachets 10 300 1,766,400
Candles[2] 75 Candles 10 750 4,416,000
Matches 30 boxes 12 360 2,119,680
Tents/Tarpaulins + Ropes 1 2,500 2,500 14,720,000
Transportation of Supplies/day 2 20,000 40,000 120,000 (3 months)
Subtotal                                 89,649,984
Management &Support Cost 5% of the costs 4,482,499
Total 94,132,483*

*Equals to USD $922,498

[1] Estimated unit price is based on current market price in retail store

[2] When possible solar lights will be distributed


Thank you for support,

Sami and Shristi, from Teach for Nepal

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