IniCha thanks the OpenTheWorld team !

This past November 24th, the last of the OpenTheWorld (OTW) mentorship workshops successfully concluded. Over a period of over 10 weeks, the OTW local team, with support from the IniCha OTW  international team, dedicated countless hours to an alternative education program aimed at bridging the social and practical know-how divide between children with disadvantaged backgrounds, orphan or semi-abandoned,  and young and dynamic members of society. The workshops covered the following themes as a way to broaden the children’s perspectives and increase their knowledge and self-confidence: The World, Culture and Diversity, Creative Recycling, Music & Dance, Artistic Expression & Personal and Project Development.


*Note: as demanded by law in Romania and for the discretion of some of the children, we do not show their faces in the images.

We thank everyone who was involved in the project, who put their devotion and whole heart into it! And once again, we thank our donors, without you none of this would have been possible! The IniCha association would especially like to recognize the effort and contribution of the following participants and acknowledge their role in creating positive change in the world (by alphabetical order):

George Bugan (OTW co-Manager)*

Cristi Ciulei (OTW Local Team)

Kyle Gentes (OTW International Team)*

Ioana Grigore (OTW Mentor)

J. Eduardo Marquez (OTW International Team)*

Cristian Mesaros (OTW International Team)*

Raluca Moisescu (OTW co-Manager)

Joanna Cristina Nelson (OTW co-Manager & International Team)*

Silvia Patrascu (OTW Mentor)

Andreea Pene (OTW Mentor & Local Team)

Liliana Radu (OTW Mentor)

Marja Seidel (OTW International Team)*

Siegfried “Siggi” Wegmann (OTW Organizational Manager)

*IniCha member

“Truth, emotion, laughter, smiles, tears, pain, power, weakness, courage, devotion, fantasy, dreams, wonder, friendship, strength, belief…Change! This was Open the World.”

– Raluca Moisescu, local manager

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