Session 6: Music and Freedom of Expression !

The sixth session of Open the World was an artistic session where the kids were encouraged to express themselves through music and dance, with an emphasis on team-work, coordination and values.


*Note: as demanded by law in Romania and for the discretion of some of the children, we do not show their faces in the images.

Workshop: The session involved a talk about the joy of dance and music. Then everyone danced in silence to their favorite music, before we did a singing exercise, and then asked them to write a song and make a choreography in groups.

Values: Today the focus was FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, specifically through dance and music. We also tied in values from previous sessions to remind the kids of what we have learned so far, and applied them in a different way. These values include:

  • Honesty (how you can express your true self in different ways)
  • Patience (waiting for your part in the song or show)
  • Respect & Acceptance (learning to respect and accept the different genres of music and ways of dancing- of expression)
  • Team-work (stressing the fact that the song they performed would be incomplete without all of the voices).

For more pictures please visit our Facebook page !

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