OTW Team visits the children

BildOn July 17th 2013 Andreea Pene, George Bugan and Siegfried Wegmann visited the children of the White Angel Foundation in Ramnicu Valcea, Romania for the first time.

We also had been in contact with other orphanages, children’s homes and independent associations before we finally chose the White Angel Foundation as our project partner.It’s founders impressed us with the passion and commitment they displayed towards their kids and their curiosity towards the experience of the mentors.

The children were on their yearly summer trip to the base of the Carpathian mountains in a secluded area close to Ramnicu Valcea. The owners take them there to develop a sense of respect towards nature, and also hope to build a second children’s home there. There they sleep in a donated army tent because the new childhome is still being built.

The children were quite shy when they first saw the Inicha members, but their shyness was quickly replaced by curiosity. Soon they realised that Siegfried couldn’t speak their language and so they had a lot of fun with his german accent while trying to speak Romanian.

“The kids are amazing teachers. It’s way more fun than learning a language in school.”, Siegfried said while he get bombarded with colors, animals and the different ways to pronounce s’s and t’s.

The team enjoyed every moment with the kids; talking to them, learning more about their individual traits and interests and getting to know their eagerness to learn. “ They were a pleasure to be around and very open-minded, so passionate, curious about everything and I am so happy to be a part of the team and that I was able to meet these incredible kids!” said Andreea.

After all the fun and excitement the Andreea, George and Siegfried did have to return to Bucharest but promised to see them again soon. Before leaving, the kids gave Siegfried some homework due the next time he visits them – singing a song in English or Romanian.  🙂



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